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The HoneyBella Tea Company is an online tea boutique, selling everything from teacups, teapots and tea themed toys to cards, tea gifts and tea party accessories. Here is your online haven for all things tea.



Teachers Pet

Lee Amico

With the end of the UK school year fast approaching, the time has come to rack our brains and find something effortlessly perfect to give to all of the teachers who help assist and educate our beautiful kids throughout the year.

I don't know about you, but with so many people worthy of such a gift, the cost quickly rises... especially if you have more than one child in school!

Thinking it over I may have just found the perfect token gift idea to accompany a big thank you card for those special people...

How about using one Joe's matchbox tea, available in (3 comforting flavours; Queen of Green, Ever so English Breakfast Tea, or comforting chamomile) and popping them in high end mini gift box?? Thoughtful, pretty, but doesn't cost the earth. Bingo!

Not only would this little items be great for a teachers gift, but they work so well as wedding favours, or baby shower goodie bags :-)

I remember a few years ago I held an afternoon tea party for a hen do, and was desperately looking for a little token gift to go with each place setting. I eventually settled for a gift box with a tea cup on, holding a little Yankee Candle on the inside. It was cute and it worked, but not what I had mind. Joe's little matchbox Tea is the perfect match!

I have priced the Tea & Gift box at £2.49 so they really are cheap as chips. I challenge you to find something cuter elsewhere for cheaper! (Email me!) Also as a little treat because I love you all so much, with every 5 gift box teas that you order I will send you the 6th one absolutely free!

Avaliable in Pale Pink, Black, or Aqua, there is a gift box and Tea combination for everyone.

If you're looking for that last minute gift idea, then you've just found it!

Thank me later Tea Lovers!

Samantha x

Keith Brymer Jones & The Little Duckling

Samantha HoneyBella

Walking through Top Drawer at Olympia London, we were on the search for a Tea cup brand that would appeal for a man as well as us ladies. So I pushed hubby to the front with a clear instruction; 'Just tell me when you see something you like!'.

Now my husband isn't attracted by vintage, he isn't drawn towards tradition... he just likes what he likes and that is it. He has impeccable taste but I think that is down to his apparent OCD more than anything. Clean lines, soft tones & nothing brash, classy all the way for Mr Cool.

After about 2 hours and 2 lunch stops later... (he's 'bulking'...again) I see my strapping young husband wandering off like a lone duckling towards a stand full of porcelain cups... could it be...!?

'These are cool, I like these, we need these'. And that was it. He was right too, straight off the bat like that they were perfect. Along with 'Miss Etoile' we had two super strong brands to launch HoneyBella.

So I introduce to you, 'Keith Brymer Jones' (now of BBC fame), Keith sums our love for his Teacups perfectly...


'My design philosophy is a simple one; I like to create stylish yet simple products that are pleasing to the eye and, above all, are practical in the modern home and make people happy! For me, less is more!'


We have started with four different Tea cups in our collection; 'Me, Me, Me', 'Bestie', 'Daddy' & a 'His & Hers' double cup set. These are all made as bucket mugs so you really do get a nice big cup of Tea every time.

Since launching, the response for these has been amazing. With more designs coming this Spring, we hope to keep adding to our collection of Keith Brymer Jones very soon!

Samantha x

Friday Night's Tipple...

Samantha HoneyBella

“People should swap their Friday night glass of wine for a cup of tea, Britain's top doctor said today”.

Eva Wiseman at the guardian says it even better:
“TEA. It is home. It is like building a fire when lost in the woods – you put the kettle on, and there you are.

It brings home to difficult places – hospitals, wakes, work, too. Offices are designed around tea. They are built upon it like ancient burial grounds. Google, you can keep your free sushi, your egg-freezing perks – I have a mug that says “Fabulous and Fifty” and I have a tap. During a tea run, these fools that you sit next to for eight hours a day become actual people, with feelings, albeit ones about the precise colour you must aim for with your milk, and you see they are tortured as if human, and all craving the warmth of tea/their father’s love.”

My mug doesn’t say ‘Fabulous & Fifty (not yet anyway), but the Tea it holds brings the same message Eva & I both yearn for. That calm, familiarity… Home.

A Friday night glass of wine never hits the spot, it never deals with whatever emotion my soul is teasing me with. It’s only until I have that cup of tea, that all is ok. Everything is back in its place & I am where I want to be.

“Alcohol enables big talk, but tea is for small conversation, and that’s the good bit that makes us know each other. Alcohol is sound and fury, tea is thoughtful and full of pause, even if the thoughts are centred around a KitKat, maybe two.

A stiff drink when you get home dulls an ache but stokes a fire – tea… it soothes it instead and sits with you while your shoulders relax.”


Happy New Year!

Samantha HoneyBella

Well here we are… 2016!

Happy New Year to all of our exclusive Tea Club members :-)

Have you set any New Years resolutions yet?? I’m going to try a total caffeine free diet (that includes chocolate… yep, there is caffeine in chocolate!?). 

I’m fully stocked up on Joe’s ‘Queen Of Green’ Tea which is 100% caffeine free as well as bringing all of the other benefits green tea brings (organic too don’t you know!). I’m sold on the fact that green tea helps with brain function and without the caffeine, I’m going to need all the help I can get to keep the old grey matter ticking along!

Going into the New Year, we have adjusted our pricing system across the board so our customers can be confident they are paying as little as possible while still supporting a growing independent company. I’ve learnt so much since we launched and slowly slowly the website is being tweaked into the perfect tea haven I’ve always dreamt about. 

So cheers my lovely people, good luck with your resolutions… 


Here’s to a fantastic year ahead!

Samantha x

Time flies...

Samantha HoneyBella

HoneyBella Tea

Wow, it’s already two weeks since we went live. Time really does fly. Juggling normal life with the new online work is keeping me super busy!

This little piece of my heart is a tiny seed right now & it truly flatters me every time I see people visiting the website & placing orders. The feedback we are getting from people around the UK has been phenomenal (long may that continue!).

The HoneyBella Tea Company is a small family led business…  Think of it as a tiny village shop as it were. So tell your family, tell your friends, follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook and of course, join our exclusive Tea Club :-).


Here’s looking forward to being one month old!

Samantha x