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The HoneyBella Tea Company is an online tea boutique, selling everything from teacups, teapots and tea themed toys to cards, tea gifts and tea party accessories. Here is your online haven for all things tea.


Joe's Tea

Samantha HoneyBella

Introducing our first Tea supplier…  Joe’s Tea!

I’ve had a lot of tea… black, white, green and even blue. There really is a tea for any time of the day.

When scanning through my note pad for the perfect Tea brand to launch HoneyBella with, Joe’s Tea was the first & last name I needed to see. A Tea brand from my home city (London) and a Tea brand that works with the same thoughts & ethics as my own.

“Joe has learnt, lived and breathed the trade of taste. Dealing with (and drinking lots of) fine teas in London and loving how tea can bring people together, a little seed was sown. So, after much sweat, toil, travels and tea guzzling, Joe’s Tea Company was born in 2012. His dream? To bring us our favourite British drink in its finest form, to take the ‘toff’ out of fine tea, to tingle our taste buds with quirky and colourful concoctions but keep it real, and to celebrate the moments shared over a quality cuppa. After all, ‘it’s just tea’ he says.

Using organic ingredients in everything he creates, Joe sets a bar higher than others while still keeping prices in a range accessible by you & me.

“Our bodies might not be as temple-y as we’d like, but when it comes to a simple slurp of tea, we might as well treat ourselves to the finest taste and ditch the chemicals. Joe believes in fuss-free organic because tea and herbs need properly looking after in happy soil to be their best. That’s why Joe uses only organic tea, herbs and fruit in his blends, grown to perfection using old-school organic farming methods.”

HoneyBella will stock my favourite blends from Joe in both loose tea & fuso bags so you can buy your tea exactly how you want. We even stock the cutest single bag matchbox cases so you can spread the joy that is… Joe’s Tea x