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The HoneyBella Tea Company is an online tea boutique, selling everything from teacups, teapots and tea themed toys to cards, tea gifts and tea party accessories. Here is your online haven for all things tea.


Friday Night's Tipple...

Samantha HoneyBella

“People should swap their Friday night glass of wine for a cup of tea, Britain's top doctor said today”.

Eva Wiseman at the guardian says it even better:
“TEA. It is home. It is like building a fire when lost in the woods – you put the kettle on, and there you are.

It brings home to difficult places – hospitals, wakes, work, too. Offices are designed around tea. They are built upon it like ancient burial grounds. Google, you can keep your free sushi, your egg-freezing perks – I have a mug that says “Fabulous and Fifty” and I have a tap. During a tea run, these fools that you sit next to for eight hours a day become actual people, with feelings, albeit ones about the precise colour you must aim for with your milk, and you see they are tortured as if human, and all craving the warmth of tea/their father’s love.”

My mug doesn’t say ‘Fabulous & Fifty (not yet anyway), but the Tea it holds brings the same message Eva & I both yearn for. That calm, familiarity… Home.

A Friday night glass of wine never hits the spot, it never deals with whatever emotion my soul is teasing me with. It’s only until I have that cup of tea, that all is ok. Everything is back in its place & I am where I want to be.

“Alcohol enables big talk, but tea is for small conversation, and that’s the good bit that makes us know each other. Alcohol is sound and fury, tea is thoughtful and full of pause, even if the thoughts are centred around a KitKat, maybe two.

A stiff drink when you get home dulls an ache but stokes a fire – tea… it soothes it instead and sits with you while your shoulders relax.”