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Hertford, SG13 8AA
United Kingdom

The HoneyBella Tea Company is an online tea boutique, selling everything from teacups, teapots and tea themed toys to cards, tea gifts and tea party accessories. Here is your online haven for all things tea.

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Our Story


Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I love TEA.

Breakfast, Green, Peppermint, Liquorice, loose or bagged… I love them all!

Tea is what I look forward to at the end of every day. When all of the chores are done, lunches for the next day are made and my daughter is fast asleep, I can finally flick that button and listen to the slow boil of the kettle.

I have the tea brewing in the pot and a cup ready. The first sip is my comfort blanket... The rest is my thinking time. For those 20 minutes I stop, I can take control of another manic day and just relax. It’s just me and my cup of tea. 

This summer was my 13th year working in the wholesale gift industry. That's a long time in any position and for over 2 years I was pondering thoughts of something new. I'd learnt so much that it seemed so silly that I wasn't using it towards building my dreams... 

My dream has always been to be my own boss and to run my own business. In reality it seemed as if I was just working away, waiting for some kind of sign on what to do about it. 

It wasn't until one day I found myself sitting on the beach in Halkidiki putting the world to rights with my Husband, when it all fell into place. The switch flicked on and it just felt right, like this was always meant to be. "For the love of tea!" ... cliché I know, but it was as simple as adding the dream of what I wanted from a career to what I love. Tea is something I am truly passionate about, and nobody really offered what I wanted to create.

With all the day dreaming over the last couple of years, I was always thinking ‘what I would call my business..? ‘. It would have to be something close to my heart but would have to also explain what the company was about… So ‘The HoneyBella Tea Company’ was born! Named after my beautiful daughter Honey Isabella and of course , stating the obvious… tea!

The long term dream is to open a modern, sugar coated tea room which tips it's hat to the vintage era. But baby steps... The dream starts here with this very website. I know I will get there one day, but until then I have created a Tea lovers paradise for people just like you, to source, treat, indulge or simply enjoy all things tea! 

Samantha x